Composting Program

The composting program at Eckerd College provides composting bins around campus where students can easily compost their food waste. Work study students, volunteers, and interns help maintain the composting bins throughout the year. Looking to schedule a composting shift? Schedule your shift on our booking schedule page.

Schedule your composting shift below:

Monofilament Recycling Tubes

The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Eckerd Save our Seabirds and Tampa Bay Watch to install 4 monofilament recycling tubes on campus at:

  • Eckerd College Pier

  • Lewis House

  • Waterfront

  • Omega

These monofilament recycling tubes are for recycling fishing line to prevent it from ending up in the ocean. Each month, volunteers collect, sort, and report the contents of the tube and send it back to Tampa Bay Watch for safe disposal.