Plastic Reduction

Plastic at Eckerd

Eckerd College is working hard to facilitate a plastic-free campus. Eckerd College signed the Break Free from Plastic pledge in November of 2019, which prohibits the purchase of unnecessary single-use plastics with college funds. The Office of Sustainability is dedicated to monitoring the single-use plastic consumption at Eckerd. To help make this transition, we have three public forms below, including a spreadsheet of plastic alternatives, a form for suggestions, and a form to help us identify difficult replacements.

Reduce Single Use Project

The Reduce Single use project was started in fall 2018 by Professors Amy Siuda and Shannon Gowans and interns Trish Schranck and Angelina Kossoff with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program. Through their research on microplastics in Tampa Bay, Professors Siuda and Gowans investigate interactions between plastics and primary grazers, from microscopic zooplankton to large manatees. Plastic marine debris, particularly microplastic, is impossible to clean up once it enters the ocean, so prevention is the best strategy. With its dependence on the surrounding water for academics and recreation alike, the Eckerd community seemed primed for action...and that is how the RSU Project was born. The RSU team now consists of Dr. Siuda and Dr. Gowans as well as Makayla Doran, Renee Veldman, and Skyler Paoli who are are in the midst of their second NOAA MDP funded grant project. The mission of the RSU project is to foster change in our local community through education about the environmental risks associated with plastic consumption and the direct links between our plastic use and the health of Tampa Bay. The RSU project was instrumental in securing commitment for the Break Free from Plastics Pledge at Eckerd College and continues to foster implementation of that commitment today. Learn more about the Break Free from Plastics Pledge here.

There are many ways to get involved with plastic reduction, on or off campus. This page includes plastic reduction recommendations and a helpful list of plastic alternatives. You can also visit the Reduce Single Use webpage here, or email

Plastic Pledge Q&A

Help us identify difficult single-use plastics item so we can replace them with reusable alternatives:

Plastic Alternative Recommendations

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Reusable Alternatives

Looking to replace single-use items? Use this spreadsheet to help identify reusable alternatives:

Plastic alternatives